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Arkansas Agriculture DepartmentWelcome to ArkansasGrown.org. This website was developed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department (AAD) to help potential buyers locate Arkansas producers. Any resident of Arkansas who produces an agricultural product in our state may, at no charge, list their marketing information here. AAD may also make this information available for distribution in other formats.

The information provided is supplied by the producer and its listing does not imply any sponsorship or endorsement by AAD. While an effort is made to verify the information submitted, AAD cannot guarantee its accuracy. The same can be said for links to other web sites. These hyperlinks are provided as a service and we try to ensure their appropriateness. However, AAD does not assume any responsibility for the appropriateness or accuracy of the content of any linked site.

Arkansas Agriculture is diverse in crops and scale of production. So no matter what you are looking for Arkansas farmers probably produce it and we hope the content provided here at ArkansasGrown.org helps you find it.

Arkansas Grown Branding Program

Arkasas Grown

The “Arkansas Grown” mark is a registered trademark of the AAD filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State. It may appear in black and white or black and green versions.

This mark is to be used solely for the purpose of promoting Arkansas agricultural products and may only be used under written agreement with AAD in conjunction with the Arkansas Grown Branding Program.

For the purpose of the Arkansas Grown Branding Program, the term "Arkansas agricultural product" is defined to mean raw or finished goods consisting of or made substantially from farm, forest and nursery products produced in Arkansas. AAD has sole authority to determine if products meet these standards and may establish criteria specific to unique products.

Those wishing to display the Arkansas Grown brand on their product or at their point of sale must make application to the AAD Marketing Division on the appropriate registration forms. Use of the Arkansas Grown brand does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by the AAD and no such statement can be made by the registrant.

Registration to use the Arkansas Grown brand may be revoked at any time if the brand is used in a manner inconsistent with the requirements of the Arkansas Grown Branding Program.