Homegrown By Heroes

In 2015, the Arkansas Department of Agriculture (Department) adopted the national Homegrown by Heroes branding program that enables farmer veterans to market their local agricultural products by labeling them as veteran-produced. With support from Governor Hutchinson, the Department launched this program, which is administered by the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

To participate in this free program, farmers must have veteran, active duty, National Guard or Reserve member of the United States Armed Forces status. In order to apply for Homegrown by Heroes certification, you must first belong to the Farmer Veteran Coalition and certified through the national Homegrown by Heroes program.

You can join the Farmer Veteran Coalition here. Once this step is completed, you can join the national Homegrown by Heroes program at this link, then let us know through the Become a Member form on this website.

Veterans who are a part of the program will receive an Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department-approved metal sign for their property that will list them and the property as being a part of the Homegrown by Heroes program. The sign will also list information about their service. Each sign is custom-designed for each participant.

The information provided is supplied by the producer and its listing does not imply any sponsorship or endorsement by the ADA. Members are responsible for the accuracy of their listings. To update member information at any time, contact Karen Reynolds, karen.reynolds@agriculture.arkansas.gov.




Taylor Brandt

Taylor is the son of an Army veteran who is continuing to serve in the Reserves. Taylor attends the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville working toward his Bachelor of Science in Food Science with Minors in Agribusiness & Horticulture.

Taylor graduated from Bentonville High School where he was an AP Scholar, a member of the National Honors Society, and on the Dean’s List. He was also very involved with extra-curricular activities.

Taylor has worked in the food industry in multiple jobs. His career goal is to continue his education in food law where he wants to work with policymakers and emphasize locally focused agriculture.

Gavin Sparks

Gavin is the son of an Arkansas Army National Guard Veteran serving active duty. Gavin attends the Mississippi State University where he is studying precision agriculture and crop consulting.

Gavin graduated from Harding Academy where he was on the honor roll while attaining perfect citizenship. He was a leader in sports, mentorship, Beta Club, and community service.

Gavin has worked at several jobs in the agriculture industry. His career goal is to advance his education with a master’s degree then return to farming to continue his family legacy.

Congratulations to these Scholars!


The Farmer Veteran Coalition announces new chapter in Arkansas

The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) is a non-profit organization that helps veterans pursue careers in agriculture. Headquartered in Davis, California, they serve a network of over 20,000 veteran members nationwide. FVC works with the agricultural community, partners, and sponsors to support those who served our country once by defending it, and now serve a second time as farmers feeding it.

"A study showed that ever-increasing numbers of our military veterans came from rural areas,” reflected Michael O’Gorman, the project’s Founder and Executive Director. “We wanted to find ways to offer them opportunities in agriculture. We have assisted hundreds of veterans with everything from equipment, business plans, financial advice, and training.”

"We are excited and humbled to serve the Veteran Farmers of Arkansas and come alongside the national organization as we become a voice and source of support for an incredible community of Americans,” said Michael Sparks, President.

Rooted in its strong belief that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems, the organization recognizes that agriculture additionally offers veterans purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits.

When consumers search for a locally grown or made product on this website and they see a Homegrown by Heroes logo, they know that the item was produced in Arkansas by an Arkansas Veteran.