Bentonville Farmers Market

Bentonville Farmers Market

Farmer’s Markets are all the rage these days, and Bentonville Farmer’s Market has definitely capitalized on the local movement. Walking through the Bentonville Farmer’s Market is an experience to remember. Farmers and makers from across Benton County set up tents to display their produce and product. Live music sits on every corner and a local yoga instructor offers classes in the middle of the square.

Arkansas Grown and Made gold member, Bentonville Farmer’s Market is operated by Downtown Bentonville Inc, a nonprofit, funded by donations, sponsorships and grants. The company focus is on making awesome events in Downtown that bring the community together; and what better way to bring a community together than through local food and crafts?

Bentonville Farmer’s Market is set up every Saturday from April to October on the Bentonville Square. Bentonville is such a historic town, home to the Walton’s -- founders of Walmart. The Farmer’s Market has done a great job of breathing a modern, exciting twist to the vintage atmosphere.

“We want to make the market an interactive experience, more than just shopping,” said Dylan, the Farmer’s Market Manager.

The Farmer’s Market currently supports 75 vendors of all kind and is continuously growing. This past year, the first ever “Under the Vine” market was launched, offering a Wednesday market on 8th Street to provide options to purchase fresh produce in the middle of the week. 11 vendors are currently serving this market from June to October.

Dylan said the market is hoping to go online soon, providing a year round route for shoppers to purchase from their local farmers year round.

Another new addition to the farmer’s market is the Brightwater Food truck. Brightwater is a school for culinary arts located in Bentonville. The food truck purchases fresh produce from the Wednesday market and prepares signature dishes featuring the farm fresh product to sell to customers on Saturday.

“The Brightwater partnership has been great for us,” said Dylan. “Bringing dishes to the market so people can taste and see the options they have with all the produce is great.”

Read more about the Brightwater and Bentonville Farmers Market partnership and other ways Northwest Arkansas is promoting local in the 2019 Arkansas Grown magazine. Learn more about Bentonville Farmer’s Market here and find them on Facebook at Bentonville Farmers Market.